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Funeral Services

The funeral service for your loved one is a deeply personal event. At Arlington Funeral Services, we are here to simply advise and carry out any organisational requirements on your behalf. We will meet initially with you to understand your needs and then provide as much or as little input as you wish.

Help with writing a eulogy
At Arlington Funeral Services, we understand that writing a eulogy can be a daunting task, with many people not knowing where to start. A eulogy is a way of saying goodbye and celebrates the person, their achievements and is a good time to reflect on your time together and the moments you have shared. The eulogy can be delivered by the Minister or by a family member or a close friend. A eulogy can include stories about the person, what made them happy, a mix of funny and sad things, and the qualities that made them the person they were. It can also take the form of a poem or extract from a book that has a significance to the deceased. In rare instances eulogies are even written be the deceased themselves. Please feel free to discuss this with you if you require guidance.

Microphones on the funeral podium and people wearing black in the church

Help with choosing the music
For many, music is an integral part of the funeral service. Music is often chosen by close family and friends and more commonly now, specified by the deceased. It can take the form of hymns and religious music such as Morning has BrokenAmazing Grace or Jerusalem or more humorous selections associated with the deceased. Music can be popular songs, such as My WayDanny Boy or Angels. Other examples can reflect the deceased’s hobbies and interests such as a common theme tune like Match of the Day or even the Star Wars theme. Another alternative is to consider live music such as the organ, bagpipes or violin. It is advised that your choice of music be shared with the person leading the proceedings. Arlington Funeral Services will be able to give advice on what is permitted in your chosen venue.

Arlington Funeral Services have many years of experience in organising and delivering funeral services for a range of different tastes and needs. We will be there to guide you through these most difficult of times to ensure that the service is a fitting tribute to your loved one.