Some of the questions that you may have:

Can I Get Any Assistance With Funeral Costs?

The DSS Social Fund awards financial assistance to individuals who meet certain criteria. In order to be eligible, you and all other family members who share your responsibility for the funeral must be receiving at least one of several benefits and have savings to pay for the funeral.

DSS Funeral payment will provide a limited amount which goes towards a very basic funeral or provide a contribution towards a traditional funeral.

Alternatively, have you considered a payment plan? We provide payment plan options via Open Funeral plans. Learn more here.

How Will I Know If I Can Afford a Funeral?

As members of The National Association of Funeral Directors, we must be completely transparent with our customers, including transparent price lists available in person and on the website.

We are completely open about what the funeral will cost and will make this clear to you in writing before the funeral takes place. We do not add any hidden costs or extras. What you are quoted is what you will pay.

Does the death need to be registered before I arrange the funeral?

No, arranging the Funeral can begin as soon as you feel ready. There is no commitment until you have registered the death and the green form is handed over or collected.

What do I get from the registrar?

Registration usually takes place in person at the Registrars office. The Funeral Director’s form is either given to you, or emailed directly to your chosen Funeral Director to allow the funeral to take place.

If the Coroner has investigated the death, the form will be sent directly to us from the coroner.

Where is the body kept prior to the funeral?

The body will be kept in a cold store refrigerated to 2–6 degrees to help preserve the body. We take the utmost care and attention to your loved one during this period.

This is where it will remain until the funeral. You can arrange to visit the person by arrangement with us.

Should I visit my loved one after death?

You should always visit if you feel that you want to. If in two minds – visit! It is very much a personal choice but at Arlington Funeral Services, we will always welcome you where it is possible.

Visiting your loved one in their coffin is also an option that suits some people who find themselves undecided.

Can I use a church if I am not religious?

While providing a beautiful and convenient venue, a service in a church is a religious one, and is led by a minister. If a minister other than ‘the incumbent’ is wanted, permission must be granted by the current minister.

Sometimes a ‘multi-faith’ minister will be allowed to hold the service – or part of the service – in the church. Some ministers are understanding of the fact that your family might prefer a service that is ‘light’ on religion – but prayers and liturgical content will be part of the service.

Where else can I hold the funeral if not a church?

While many funerals in the UK still follow traditional religious practices in a local church, increasing numbers of families prefer a less formal – possibly civil – ceremony, usually in the crematorium chapel. But there are village halls, scout huts, hotels, country houses, Masons’ Halls and Quaker Friends’ meeting rooms that can be hired for a funeral service.

We have held funeral services in many different places, but permission must be sought prior to this.

Where is Arlington Funeral Services based?

Arlington Funeral Services is a Stoke-on-Trent Funeral Director, based in Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent. We cover much of North Staffordshire and can engage with families from further afield on request.

Why should I use Arlington Funeral Services for a funeral?

Arlington Funeral Services is a Stoke-on-Trent Funeral Director with many years of experience. As a family run business, we understand the difficult time of a funeral and offer care and compassion throughout. Our beautiful Funeral home, a former library, is the perfect setting for your loved one to rest.